There are over 350 million native speakers of English and almost 500 million who use it as a second language. 80% of the content on the Internet is in English and in most companies operating internationally English is the vehicle language.

With this context and in a global world such as today’s, being proficient in other languages and studying them, especially English, has become a requirement at a personal and professional level. Therefore, studying a second and a third language is an increasing demand.

Aiming at promoting theoretical and practical improvements in the field of language teaching which update and maximise learning processes, LIFE has designed its area of applied linguistics to language teaching whose main objectives are

To link basic concepts in phonetics, syntax, lexicology and linguistics through activities related to language teaching

To analyse the different methodologies in language teaching: available resources and their use in the classroom so as to improve the development of language skills

To analyse the influence of the linguistic environment during the learning process of a second language, contrasting a formal approach to a language versus a natural acquisition of it.