Life’s Executive Education grants you the knowledge and skills to boost your leardership abilities leadership abilities

These courses offer face-to-face or online teaching depending on the availability of the student, who also can adapt the courses’ timetable and duration to their particular needs. Our Executive Education programmes are especially designed in accordant to the student’s requirements. Using a participant-centered focus the course programme takes into account the participant’s needs, the sector where their company operates, as well as their goals.

Our Custom Programmes are focused on what the company needs. Using this tailor-made course the participant will be able to relate the contents covered by the programmes to their own experience.

The syllabus of LIFE’s Executive Education is designed as a learning experience – in and out of the classroom – whose aim is not only to learn English but also to foster participants’ international view of business and develop strategies for market management while reinforcing their role in company leadership.

Our programmes have a purely practial curriculum and a teaching approach focused on studying actual corporate experiences through business cases, role-plays, practical activities, formal presentations and debates among others. With such curriculum the participant can genuinely experience current and future challenges that a company might be faced with in a global setting.

LIFE-ExEd keys

Reimbursable training by mutual agreement with Fundae – National Foundation for Employment training.

Tailor-made programmes for executives

Participant-centered learning process

Schedule flexibility

Active and participative approach

Highly qualified teaching staff having an extensive experience in the corporate world

Possibility to supplement the programmes with a Premium Learning Programme; that is, a linguistic immersion in the United Kingdom

LIFE-ExEd Programmes aims

  • Strengthen participants’ different communicative skills in a second language within the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).
  • Provide participants with the necessary skills to communicate fluently at a professional level in international settings.
  • Develop the adequate skills for a good oratory within the corporate environment.
  • Grant the possibility to obtain a certificate of their language level by a reference institution.

We will design a unique and specific programme that combines the syllabus, the methodology, the training proposal with the challenges and needs of the company.

Teaching approach

LIFE ExEd programmes are based on an active methodology in which the learning process focuses on the participant. All this is accomplished through:

Participative sessions – The teacher will develop activities to encourage the student’s involvement through debates, discussions and exchange of ideas.

Communication sessions which will promote the exchange of ideas and the development of their language skills.

“Unplugged” sessions where business cases, role-play activities and real-life activities will make participants analyse situations to make decisions.